Black Hole Sum

Embark on a cosmic journey to the Big Bang with Galaxy Mix, an innovative Watermelon game for iOS and Apple Watch (yes, you heard that right!). Craft combos, use power-ups, and unlock planets to recreate the Solar System. Beware: Only the top 0.1% reach the Black Hole. Are you one of them?

  •  Genre : Puzzle game
  •  Release : Available !
  •  Devices : iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch
  •  Price: 0,99$

They like it !

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How to Play?

  • Move the robot to drop the star on the board.
  • Merge matching stars to unlock their evolution.
  • Use bomb to remove a planet from the screen.
  • When « SHAKE IT » appears on the screen, shake the screen to shuffle the board!

Key Features

Watermelon with a twist

Combine matching stars to evolve them into bigger ones. Strategize with combos, bombs, and shakes to reach the black hole!

Come as you are

Play for the best score in ‘Classic’ Mode or enjoy a relaxing time in ‘Zen’ Mode.

For Apple Watch

The best watermelon-like game on your wrist!

Pixies Planets

Space has never looked this cute!

Pay Once, Play Forever

No in-app purchases, no ads, no subscription.